Choosing Between Bleed and No Bleed: A Crucial Decision for Amazon KDP Self-Publishers

Are you diving into the world of self-publishing on Amazon KDP? If so, one of the most common questions you'll encounter is whether to use bleed or no bleed in your low-content book designs. In this article, we'll unravel the mystery behind this printing dilemma and guide you through the decision-making process. Introduction to Bleed: Understanding the Basics In the realm of self-publishing, the #1 question revolves around bleed – a printing term that holds significant weight in the ...

Creating Passive Income in 2024 with Amazon KDP (With Your Kids)

Join me on my personal Amazon KDP adventure as I unveil the secrets to unlocking passive income through family-friendly books! Discover lucrative niches, involve your kids, and learn the art of creating notebooks, coloring books, and high-content wonders. It's not just about income; it's about crafting a life of flexibility and freedom. Dive in with me for practical tips, spot-on strategies, and the roadmap to publishing success on Amazon KDP. Let's turn your passion into profit, together!

My Journey to $78,291 KDP Royalties in 22 Months

Learn the secrets of profitable book creation, efficient writing strategies, and the power of self-publishing. Don't miss out!

How I Made Six Figures By Avoiding These Three Things on Amazon KDP

Join me as I spill the secrets behind my $130,000 success on Amazon KDP! Discover how to skyrocket book sales with automatic ads, steer clear of copycat pitfalls, prioritize research, and optimize your strategy for maximum impact. Unleash your creativity and build a thriving book income stream. Let's turn your passion into profit together!

Three Secrets to Making $18,110 in Q1 on Amazon KDP

Dive into the strategies that led to my impressive $18,110 earnings on Amazon KDP in Q1 2023! Discover niche insights, the power of prompted journals, and why diversifying income streams is crucial. Join me on the journey to financial success with Amazon KDP – your roadmap to a thriving book income stream awaits!

Behind the Scenes of Hiring My First Assistant

Join me as I open up about my experiences navigating the world of Pinterest ads. Learn from my past slip-ups and successes as I eagerly embark on hiring my first assistant to enhance our Pinterest game. Be part of this documented journey, filled with growing pains, insights, and exciting developments.

Hiring a CPA, Refining a Webinar for My New Coaching Program

I'm spilling the details on hiring my first CPA, tackling the complexities of book royalties, and refining webinars for my coaching program. Dive into real experiences, learn from the challenges, and gain actionable tips to elevate your creative journey. Join me in exploring the world of online marketing and community engagement. Uncover the keys to boosting your skills and income in this insightful guide.

Free Event: How I Created 6 Figures in Revenue Without a Traditional Publisher or Writing Tons

Discover the proven secrets of self-publishing with Jenny Hansen's free training event! Join to learn the "bankable books" method, grab exclusive bonuses, and create a book income stream that offers both financial and lifestyle freedom. Register now for insights, actionable takeaways, and a chance to redefine your publishing journey!

Behind the Scenes of KDP Coaching Program

Discover the secrets of KDP success in my nine-week coaching program and delve into the challenges of high-content books. Let's navigate the world of publishing together and unlock the potential for multiple income streams!

KDP AI Generated VS AI Assisted

Join me as we explore the latest developments, understand Amazon's interest in AI assistance, and learn practical tips to preserve the human touch in your creative process. Watch the full video to ensure your content stands out and stays protected in the evolving world of AI on KDP.

Quick Keyword Research Solution

Unlock the secrets of profitable publishing on Amazon with Titans Pro! Discover visual keyword insights, seize the chance for $97 lifetime access, and learn how I turned a dollar a day into a thriving book income. Don't miss out – act now for a shortcut to success!

How to Prepare for Q4 on Amazon KDP

Collaborating with Danny for the third time, we understand the importance of building a solid foundation. This isn't about copying others; it's about knowing why you're creating something. Success on Amazon KDP requires a rock-solid foundation, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

3 Things to Do to Prepare for Amazon KDP Q4

Join our exclusive Amazon KDP masterclass for time-saving book creation, goal mastery, and income-boosting ad strategies.

Can I Scale an Online Course to One Million Dollars

Embark on a transformative journey with Jenny Hansen Lane as she shares the secrets of building a million-dollar book income stream. From winning the prestigious Two Comma Club award to leveraging Amazon's vast traffic, discover the strategies, insights, and challenges of carving out your own online success.

Spending Over $18,866.44 on Amazon Ads

Discover the secrets behind Jenny Hansen Lane's phenomenal $116,000 book sales through Amazon KDP ads! Join her live workshop for exclusive insights, strategies, and a peek into her latest program, the "Amazon Ad Sandwich." Unleash the power of ads to amplify your book income.

Free Training: What Happened When I Sold Six Figures in Book Sales

Unlock the blueprint to financial success in book sales! Join Jenny Hansen Lane's free training and discover how she turned a $17,000 investment into over $110,000 in Amazon ad Book Sales. Learn the three game-changing strategies that led to six figures without a book coach or traditional publisher. Dive into the profitability of books, why you don't need a publisher, and grab a bonus notebook. Ready to build your book income stream? Don't miss out – watch the training now!

Join the Ad Bootcamp and Boost Your Book Sales!

Elevate your book sales game! Join our Ad Bootcamp for live troubleshooting coaching, exclusive bonuses for beginners, and insights from a $110,000 sales expert. Limited spots available – seize the opportunity now!

Books Never Go Out of Style (Book Income Stream)

Learn how to generate six figures in revenue with books. Seize the opportunity in the booming Amazon market—where 2.16 million books are sold daily. Don't miss out on building a sustainable income while gaining more time and freedom.

Make $2,027.54 in Profits by Using AI Prompts to Create Unique Book Covers (Make More Money with AI)

Discover the secret to my $2,027.54 profit surge in book sales! Dive into the transformative world of AI prompts for unique book covers. Learn the key steps, from understanding software terms to mastering keyword-driven prompts. Unleash the power of AI to elevate your publishing journey and maximize your earnings.

How I Made $30K in 30 Days

Join me, Jenny Hansen Lane, on a thrilling ride through my 30-day quest to a staggering $30,225.18 income! From niche online courses to unexpected Kindle Direct Publishing windfalls, discover how I diversified income streams for financial success. Learn actionable tips, embrace the journey, and let's conquer new heights together!

How to Make Money with YouTube from the Ground Up!

Embark on a journey with Jenny Hansen Lane as she unveils the secrets to turning your YouTube passion into a profitable venture! Embrace the cringe, document your story, and follow three actionable steps to start earning today. Discover the art of giving value and asking for support – the key to making money on YouTube from the ground up.

Over the Shoulder Amazon Ads Coaching (Campaign Optimization)

Unlock the secrets of successful Amazon ads with Jenny Hansen Lane's exclusive coaching session. Learn to create, optimize, and scale your low-budget campaigns. Live coaching, lifetime access, and tailored insights for low-content book publishers.

How Much Money I Made on Medium (June Income Stream)

Join me on my Medium income journey as I break down June earnings, set ambitious July goals, and tackle challenges in article publishing. Discover how I'm overcoming perfectionism and aiming for $100. Let's navigate this path together!

My YouTube Earnings for June

Dive into the details of my June YouTube earnings – a candid breakdown of $139.85! Join me as I share channel stats, discuss hitting my first $10 day, and spill insights from a coaching program with a TikTok sensation turned YouTube expert. Discover content strategies for success and let's navigate the YouTube journey together!

How Much My Book Income Stream Made for June 2023 (Self-Published Books)

Explore how I surpassed the $4,000 mark, my strategies for 470 published books, and the dilemma of a $2,200 ad spend. Join me in optimizing campaigns, expanding globally, and uncovering the secrets of maximizing profits in the ever-evolving landscape of self-publishing.

How I Sold Over Six Figures of Books ($107,289.71)

Learn the ins and outs of calculating costs, the power of long-term campaigns, and the art of achieving success in the competitive world of online book sales. Discover proven tips, insights, and future plans for maximizing your results. Dive into this must-read guide for authors and entrepreneurs aspiring to dominate Amazon ads and boost book sales.

My Journey to Six Figures As a Course Creator

Embark on my personal adventure from wedding photographer to achieving six figures in course creation. Learn essential financial tips, the importance of platform independence, and the game-changing role of Member Vault. Get an exclusive sneak peek into my diverse 2023 course catalog and discover how I'm paving the way for time and relationship freedom. Stay tuned for upcoming signature offers in 2023 and 2024. Subscribe now and join me as I unravel the secrets to successful course creation!

Types of Online Courses that Generated the $20k in 30 Days!

Discover the secrets behind a $20,796.18 success story in just 30 days! Dive into the world of online courses, collaborative ventures, and diverse course types that led to this financial milestone. Learn how personalized course creation can align with your skills and passions, and join a thriving community.

How I Made $20,796.18 in 30 Days Selling Online Courses!

Join me on a journey of financial success as I reveal the strategies behind generating $20,796.18 in just 30 days by selling online courses. Learn the core of my business, the art of course creation, and how it unlocks not just income but also time and relationship freedom. Dive into the power of organized learning, live coaching, and building a supportive community.

Have You Had Any Experience in the Publishing Domain? (My Journey)

Learn how I transformed my coaching background into a thriving publishing venture. Discover the mindset, strategies, and insights that fueled my success.


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